Other endeavors

Until recently, I leaned heavily on the power of social media. While I still recognize it to be a wonderful tool for getting messages out quickly, the recent tone of Facebook as well as their need to scrutinize and edit posts has left an awful taste in my mouth. Since I already have my own little nook on the Internet, I decided to post some links here to help promote my interests when I'm not behind the camera or in front of my computer.

Our daughter wanted to learn guitar, but wanted to buy her first instrument on her own. She began making beaded bracelets and quickly earned enough to get herself a Tanglewood acoustic. "Bean's Beads" allows her to earn money for other things like gifts for friends (which she constantly is doing), treats for our dog EVERY time we go to the store, and even charitable donations. Feel free to browse her inventory for design ideas, have her create her own, or tell her what you'd like specifically. Due to her age, the Facebook group is invitation only, but all you have to do is ask!! :)

There are two organizations which benefit regularly from SURGE Images promotions. One is raising money for I-Cell research and the other is my passion for finding a cure for Alzheimer's. This year, I am proud to be a Committee Volunteer for the Circleville Walk to End Alzheimer's. My sweet Aunt tells me often that my Uncle would be proud of all the fundraising, information gathering, and awareness I promote regarding Alzheimer's. He's my driving force, but I do what I do so that one day, there will be no more widows from this disease. I just feel they deserved more time together.