Let's get to know each other!

My name is Beth and I love being behind a camera. My interest in photography goes back to when I got a Kodak 110 for Christmas shortly before a school trip to Washington D.C., I thought I was holding the coolest tool in my hand. I was able to take all the memories I made while away from home and bring those back to share with my parents.

After my 110, I got a Kodak Disc. Now, THAT was a fun camera. It was slim, fit in a pocket, and could go anywhere. Granted, it's not like today when everyone has one in their pocket or purse, but it was an exciting thing for the times!

Fast forward a few years and I now live in Lancaster, Ohio with my husband and our two kids, and our goofy Sheppie mix. It was early on in motherhood when I realized how truly valuable photos can be. Life goes so fast and photography is a great way to freeze that progression and get to live a moment over and over.

I am a natural light photographer who truly enjoys capturing personalities more so than "poses". To me, one of the biggest compliments I can get is when someone tells me that I captured someone's spark.

A little while back, I mentioned phone cameras. I think it's WONDERFUL that we can have a camera on us at any given time. I will not disagree that phones take beautiful, sharp photos. There are still some downfalls, guys. 1) YOU are not in the photo 2) you don't have a professional's eye looking at distractions, composition, etc. 3) (and it just has to be said) "blur background" does NOT equal a range lens with 2.8/f. If that last one doesn't make sense to you, then keeping having fun with your phone's camera, but consider letting SURGE Images catch the rest!

I'm a firm believer that you have to have a great relationship with someone to produce great results together. I've coined the term "clientfriends" for the individuals and families I work with because we usually walk away from a session having laughed and conversed a lot of small talk and sometimes deep talk.

Now that you know a little about me, let me get to know you through my camera!!

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“Beth did a fabulous job with our family Christmas picture this year. Her professional images were wonderful.. I really appreciate the time she spent to make sure our pictures were just what we wanted. I highly recommend Beth for all your photography needs! We loved her!”

—Gina S.

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